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                      A word from ThemeCatcher

                      Thanks for checking out our Excite template. We hope you have enjoyed being creative with the options panel.

                      To check out more of our work you can visit our website or our Themeforest portfolio. Also don't forget to keep in touch via Facebook, let us know your thoughts or post your finished website.


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                      Keep your eye on the bush

                      Image By balt-arts

                      How you doing?

                      Image By mark sebastian

                      Life on a hump

                      Image By balt-arts

                      Woof! Woof!

                      Image By mark sebastian

                      Wish I was there

                      Image By SpaceShoe

                      Sci Fi through your WiFi

                      Image By ellenm1

                      Excite; to arouse or stir up the emotions

                      Excite is a versatile template designed to give you freedom to be creative

                      • 4 Sliders
                      • 12 Skins / Colors
                      • 17 Textures
                      • 7 Background Patterns
                      • Full Screen Gallery
                      • Full Screen Video / Image Background
                      • Quform PHP Included

                      Go check it out! Don't forget to play with the options panel (top,right).

                      Our Recent Work

                      // Widgets

                      There are 20+ widgets that can be placed anywhere in the content area or in the footer

                      All widgets will adapt themselves for each column variation, and with or without the side bar. You can have a widget in a box design or without a box - just add the class boxed.

                      View all widgets

                      // Background style

                      This is the ultimate template for controlling your background.

                      You can choose to have a full screen image or video background, a plain background or a colored banner. Plus there are many variations available for each style via the Skins.

                      FS Fixed FS Top Simple Color block

                      // Skins

                      Excite is exciting. We have 12 skins, each skin is a color scheme but has options to give the site a funky look, clean look, professional look and many others.

                      Making these changes only requires adding a new class in the HTML file, it's that simple.

                      Read More Read Less

                      Each Skin is a style sheet, so it's really easy to set up, just up link to the Skin of your choice in the head tag.

                      Here is a list of the Skins we have. You can try out the Skins in the Options panel.

                      CMYK / NRG / Twist / RGB / Sun / Pop / Disco / Quiet / Organic / Girl / Sea
                      Our Clients


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